CORI Checks
- CDL Driver License Verification
- MVR Driver License Verification
- Criminal Background Check
- I-9 Verification (E-Verify)
- Drug and Alcohol Testing
- Credit Report
- Registered Sex Offender
- Education Verification
- Employer Reference Check
- Personal Reference Check
- Medical Credential Check
- Healthcare Sanctions
- Professional Credential Check

List Of Services We Provide
We believe that we deliver the best online pre-employment background screenings by delivering the most reliable, comprehensive, and current information in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. We can do this at a price that meets your bottom-line. We provide employers with the ability to make informed hiring decisions by providing timely, accurate and complete employment background checks.

You can select the type of background screening that meets your needs. Companies across the United States have come to trust us for our technologically advanced solutions, industry leading turnaround times, and highly affordable products. We serve over 20,000 customers, including Fortune 500. Get started and partner with National Employee Screening Services.